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Channel Vision Authorized Reseller LogoChannel Vision products are ONLY sold through a network of Authorized Resellers. Authorized Channel Vision Resellers have the knowledge and training to supply you with Channel Vision products that best meet your needs and to design, install and service our products so that you’ll enjoy their maximum performance.

Online resellers listed below are authorized resellers of Channel Vision products. If you are trying to purchase our products from any other reseller or website, the product they are selling is likely damaged, stolen, or a fraudulent knockoff. Only authorized resellers are able to sell brand-new, non-refurbished, original stock products, complete with accessories and manuals. Channel Vision factory warranty is only valid on products purchased from an Authorized Channel Vision Reseller. Our factory warranty is void if:

  • You purchase a Channel Vision product from unauthorized reseller.
  • You purchase a Channel Vision product with a serial number that has been removed, defaced or changed.
  • You purchase a Channel Vision product from an unauthorized reseller including internet sites not authorized by Channel Vision.

Authorized to Sell Channel Vision Products On-line:

Channel Vision recommends that you verify the Reseller you’re considering is an authorized Channel Vision reseller by contacting us directly at (714)424-6500 or by submitting our online form. This is especially important when considering a purchase of Channel Vision products over the Internet.


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Un-Authorized to Sell Channel Vision Products

Any products purchased from these resellers are likely damaged, stolen, or a fraudulent knockoff. All products purchased from un-authorized resellers will not be eligible for Product Warranty, Tech Support, DDNS Service, or any rebates or other programs supported by Channel Vision.