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bluetooth receiver AB-303 or A0325 A0327 is not linking with my bluetooth enabled phone

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1. Find the specific Abus Bluetooth receiver on your phone with the password entered.  If multiple rooms with Bluetooth pair and name 1 at a time.
2. Verify Audio Source (bluetooth device) is connected to Wifi
3. Check the music source is active before pairing & TURN Phone volume to 3/4 music
4. The Green LED (AB-303 blue LED) indicates when devices are paired, if another Bluetooth is active you cannot pair until they are disconnected
5. Try a different Audio source.  Such as rca on front of hub. 
6. Make sure Bluetooth device is in play mode 
7. Restart Bluetooth source device
8. Hot drop with cat5 patch cable C-0409 or equal outside the wall with bluetooth module & verify OUTPUT is being used (confirm pcb type as they are different positions for A0325 vs. A0327…. Don’t go by part number.
9. Hot drop AB-135, turn up volume on all devices 
10. Verify HUB has active source light on it.  And disconnect the source to verify someone or a device is not on it too.

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