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st2000 room Intercom is very quiet

Asked By – On February 07, 2020 – With Comments Off


Question: Intercom is very quiet. It is hard to hear the speaker, I am not sure if it is automatically attenuating itself from microphone feedback, or if there is an update available for it? A service kit to better insulate the mic from speaker?

At any rate, it works good just very hard to actually hear it even when there is minimal background noise


ANSWER: This can be answered several ways.

  • It sounds like you may just need to turn up the volume on the room station.
  • background noise in the other rooms and it doesn’t switch rooms, there is a force talk and force listen mode by pushing and holding the talk button.
  • Low mic volume can be a symptom of an old product, we do have an upgrade to raise the listen volume.
  • Speaker volume listening to the other person can be upgraded to a new speaker with higher sensitivity
  • Upgrade option of an IP Intercom kit for room to room and front entrance communication: model ST-3108W room station

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