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upgrade from the DP-series analog intercom to IP or sip DP-8000 series intercom flush mount box question

Asked By – On January 08, 2020 – With No Answers


Question: I am trying to upgrade an existing project that has existing DP-Series (0252???) Door Phones connected to an old Panasonic analog phone system. We are changing the old analog phone system over to an all IP system. Can you tell me if its possible to get the new IP-SIP based DP-8000 series in the same face plate as the DP-0252? I have attached a picture of the existing door phone.

Answer: Most everyone can use the same opening although the IP series must be replaced as the mounting is different
IP DP-8252 Analog DP0252
Length 5.95                5.88
Width 3.65                 3.55
Depth 1.7                    3.00

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