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When using HDM100 or HDM200R HDMI Modulator- why did my DIRECT TV Receiver turn off while playing?

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Your receiver turns off unexpectedly.
Possible Causes:
Excessive heat may have caused the receiver to go into a standby state.
Electronic protection circuit may have been activated due to a power surge.
You may have blown a circuit breaker or be experiencing a power outage.
Parental viewing limits may have been activated on your DIRECTV® Receiver.
Ensure that your receiver has plenty of ventilation and that nothing is on top of the receiver.
Wait 30 seconds for internal circuits to reset, then turn receiver back on.
Consider using a line conditioner or surge protector.
Consult an electrician if the problem is frequent or severe, especially if other household appliances or electronics are affected.
If parental limits are active, turn your DIRECTV® Receiver back on and enter your parental lock code at the prompt.

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