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WiFi Streaming Audio Built in Music System

WiFi music streaming audio distribution
The multi-room wifi music streaming audio distribution by ARIA Audio allows multiple rooms to receive music from a number of audio streaming services as a multi-room system or individual rooms.  All controlled by our streaming app.

Play music and adjust sound levels from our app controlled system

  • Pandora
  • TuneIn
  • Spotify (paid app required)
  • iHeartRadio
  • Napster
  • Qobuz
  • Deezer
  • Amazon Music


  • schedule off times
  • Multi-Room with wired audio
  • Multi-Room with WIRELESS audio*
  • Many more options & customization


NOTE: A0330 is flush mounted in a single gang box (not included). recommended model: Carlon B122A new construction box or Arlington LV-1 low voltage mud ring
*Requires additional products as amp and power to system
A0330  + A0355 or A0356 + IC615 speakers + AB-T2410




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A0357 General Sell SheetPDF1 MBA0357 Sell sheet
Men, Women, Children Speech Frequency ChartPDF3.3MLINK Sound Masking Explained
1 Zone Wiring ExamplePDF300Kb1 Room Wiring Example
Blueprint - 10 zone office designPDF1.3 GLink blueprint
Does the Sound Masking STOP traffic noiseYes and No, the Vanquish product series is noise masking audio system that prevents outside noise from disrupting your peaceful living. You’ll still hear fire & security alarms due to the high audible sound although barking dogs, neighbors and roommate conversations will vanquish.
How does it automatically raise and lower volume?A proprietary comparator circuit measures the ambient levels to one of the 10 sound levels you’ll be listening to, when traffic increases within 10 seconds Vanquish will raise the volume to overcome the outside (or inside) noise levels.
Can someone outside my room hear what I’m saying?The Vanquish product has an on-board microphone that only listens for ambient levels, not speech. It never goes outside the closed system and doesn’t have that ability even if we wanted to….
Additionally, you’ll want it outside your room to make the room you’re in private too.
Explain how it will mask for Men, Women & ChildrenOur senior engineer Jatin Banga produced an example of the frequency we speak and hear in the support file section, take a look for a better understanding
Will this stop the sleep interruptions from my neighbors and the traffic?I can confidently say within the first week you’ll thank us for our engineering efforts!!! 😊