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Security DDNS

What is Channel Vision Security DDNS?

  • Channel Vision Security is a dynamic DNS service that continually tracks the IP address of the system and automatically updates with any IP address change.
  • A connection to your security camera or DVR is never lost due to a change in IP address – whether the system is purposely reset or your internet service provider (ISP) makes the change.
  • With this service, you will have the convenience and confidence knowing that your IP address will adjust automatically.
*Channel Vision qualified products include all Channel Vision 3G series DVRs.

Sign Up My Device

Use this form to register your device with Channel Vision Security DDNS service. A Channel Vision technician will set-up your ddns account and create a personalized URL to view a video feed from your device.
  • Product Information

    In order to activate Channel Vision Security DDNS a Channel Vision Representative will need access to your device. Please provide all the necessary information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating your device is active.
  • This will be the devices address within
    No special characters only 0-9 & A-Z (ex.
    By submitting this form you acknowledge you are giving a Channel Vision technician temporary access to your device through a network connection to set up Channel Vision Security DDNS service. After the DDNS is setup feel free to change your password.