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Bluetooth Audio Systems that Follow your Footsteps

imageDecember 02, 2014

Channel Vision’s line of Bluetooth products utilizes the latest 3.0 Bluetooth Technology to allow more flexibility in streaming audio. Unlike other Bluetooth systems on the market, your audio will automatically turn off in each room as you leave, and turn on in the next room upon entering. The range of products offered in our Bluetooth product line ensures that there is a Bluetooth audio product to fit with every home audio system.The A0320 Android docking station with Bluetooth Technology sends audio over CAT5 up to a distance of 300 feet, as well as includes a single gang RCA output that will allow it to be used with any audio system or stereo receiver. Paired with a keypad controller, this docking station supports IR control from other sources such as DVD or CD players.Those with iPhones, iPods and other Apple products will have the option of the A0317, CAT5 Audio dock or the A0319 docking station with a lightning connector made for Apple products. The A0319 includes an RCA output to be used with other audio stations.

A0322 Local Bluetooth Input Module with RCA Input             AB-303 Local Bluetooth Input Module
                            image                                    image

The AB-303 Local Bluetooth Input Module for A-Bus audio systems wirelessly streams from local sources such as smart-phones, tablets and computers to other A-Bus audio systems.

Bluetooth technology brings music and volume control to the screen of your Smart phone, tablet or computer, alongside your most frequented apps, giving users the freedom to stream music and other audio in any room.

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