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Channel Vision’s ARIA packs a powerful amp in a small package


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Channel Vision’s ARIA packs a powerful amp in a small package


COSTA MESA, CA.  – Channel Vision, a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products for the Well-Connected Home™, has combined their top selling ARIA in-wall 100 watt amplifier with wireless music streaming all in a small single gang box.


The ARIA Audio by Channel Vision In-Wall Amplifier & Audio Streaming Source (A0362) is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth 4.2 module and 100W Class D audio amplifier to provide an all-in-one solution to audio streaming and powerful music amplification. With the latest Bluetooth 4.2 Technology, users enjoy further streaming distances while using less power. The A0362 features a “deep sleep” mode to conserve power and enhanced device pairing, security, reliability, and speed sets this apart from the nearest competitor.


Features that set this product apart are enhancements within the IOS and Android app which allows users to set up an equalizer with BASS Boost, Treble and 3D sound control.  In addition, security codes for each user are used along with a “Master” password for the Parents and/or the apartment owner can now select the Bluetooth receiver and reset the password for the next tenant moving in.


The exciting feature of this product is the Low Energy Consumption (BLE) with the deep sleep mode will draw less than 35 ma of current, making this the lowest standby power draw of all custom in-wall amplifiers.


About Channel Vision Technology

Channel Vision is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products for Inside the Well-Connected Home™. The Company provides a broad range of solutions that are designed to provide lifestyle enhancements for residents while equipping homes and businesses for greater safety, convenience, and entertainment.  Channel Vision is proud to provide high quality, dependable products that are backed by its 5 Star Program, one of the finest customer service programs in the industry. The program includes Free Panel Design & Layout, Customized Manufacturing, Free CEDIA, BICSI, and NBFFA Approved Training Classes, 2/10/20 Warranties, and 24/7/365 Technical Support.

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