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Channel Vision’s NEW 38″ Enclosure & Cover Combos


Channel Vision has modified the 38″ Structured Wiring Enclosures and Covers. In order to determine which enclosure cover is compatible with the new enclosures, refer to the information below:

Traditional Channel Vision 38″ Covers (with key & lock):

* Traditional enclosures are stamped with the date code “1014″ on packaging ( date code located next to bar code). Traditional enclosures are those purchased prior to October 2014. 
* Traditional enclosures are only compatible with lock and key covers purchased before October 2014.





(Traditional Enclosure and Cover with Lock and Key)





  (Traditional Packaging-stamped with date code “1014″)

NEW Channel Vision 38″ Covers and enclosures (with Levers):

* The new 38″ enclosures are stamped with the date code ”9C15″ on the packaging. New enclosures are those purchased on or after September 2015.
* New enclosures are compatible both the lock and key and the new lever





(NEW Enclosures with Lever for door handle)




    (NEW enclosure packaging- marked with silver label and date code beginning in “9C15″)

* New Hinged Covers are marked with a silver label next to the barcode with the date code “9c14.” New hinged covers are only compatible with new enclosures that are marked with a silver label with the date code “9c15.”




* If packaging is stamped with “1014M,” the enclosure is also compatible with the new modified cover doors.

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