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Emerging Technology in Cable Boxes Render Many IR Repeater Systems Useless

The latest IR protocol in the cable boxes of popular companies has faced major issues when using existing IR Repeater systems on the market.

January 27, 2015
The universal control that existing IR Repeater systems provide has faced roadblocks due to the evolution of technology in the most popular of cable boxes. At&t Uverse, Cisco, Scientific Atlanta and Motorola have undergone modifications that have resulted in such roadblocks and left current IR Repeater systems useless.IR Repeater Systems operate according to Infrared (IR) light within your remote controller. The repeater systems convert the infrared light pulses into an electrical signal that is more easily distributed over wiring to A/V Source equipment. Upon reaching the IR emitter, the signal is converted back to Infrared light in order to control devices such as DVD players, DVRs or audio systems. The issue between IR Repeater systems and the changes to IR protocol within cable boxes lies in its reception of the infrared light that the repeater system emits.These advances have made it essential for IR repeater systems to be precise and consistent in emitting infrared codes that cable boxes are willing to receive. To continue to offer responsive IR repeaters that are on par with the services that companies such as AT&T and Cisco are providing, advancements to the IR repeater systems had to be made as well.Channel Vision is one such company that has perfected their IR Repeater systems to function flawlessly with the changes to the IR protocol of the cable boxes. The latest IR-6001 All-in-One Repeater System features a new chip that is able to recreate the signal with unrivaled precision.image

The above graph shows an example of the ways in which the IR-6001 matches the IR frequencies of AT&T and DIRECTV. The IR-6001 is designed to receive both low latency and high frequency signals while maintaining noise immunity, and features advanced IR filtering to ensure the best performance in situations of interference due to florescent lighting and other infrared noise sources.

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