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How Surveillance Cameras Work

Being able to watch the backyard, the front porch and the upstairs hallway are beneficial to homeowners concerned about protecting their home and family. There’s no better way to do this than with a surveillance camera. Positioned correctly, a camera can capture video of things you might otherwise have missed. With the right components, it can see in the dark, transmit images to your smartphone, and let you control and view it from anywhere in the world.

1. Sealed Glass: Vacuum-sealed to prevent moisture buildup and fogging.

2. IR Reflection Grommet: This small rubber grommet is placed between the IR-LED and the sensor to prevent IR reflection from entering the lens.

3. IR Illuminator: Comprised of 35 IR LEDs, it provides illumination by infrared, which allows people or animals to be observed without detection at night or in low-light conditions. It removes the variability of the available ambient light and provides illumination to specific areas of interest, while eliminating shadows and enhancing image contrast.

4. Sun Shield: This adjustable cover shades the lens, reducing glare and providing protection from the elements.

5. Camera Case: Encloses the internal components of the camera. This sealed, waterproof housing protects against exposure to the elements.

6. Focus Adjustment and Zoom Adjustment: Allows the flexibility to adjust between different focal lengths and viewing angles by using only one lens.

7. Varifocal Lens: The lens directs the path of light rays to recreate the image as accurately as possible on the digital sensor. A varifocal lens allows the focal length and viewing angle to be manually adjusted to change the camera’s field of view from wide to telephoto.

8. CMOS Sensor Chip: CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensor transforms the light captured by the lens and turns it into a digital signal. The image sensor consists of an integrated circuit containing an array of pixel sensors. The number of pixels on an image sensor, along with the size of the sensor, impact the quality of the video captured.

9. Logic PCB with Web Interface: This microprocessor-based controller processes the digital information received from the camera to the web server interface. Functions, such as alarm triggers and twoway audio, are processed and sent to the network.

10. Vacuum Gasket: Provides a waterproof seal to protect the unit from the elements.

11. Cable Assembly Access: Sealed and waterproof access point for the cable assembly.

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