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How to Find Channel Vision Cameras on the Network

Channel Vision now offers three convenient ways to find Channel Vision IP cameras including Apple’s Bonjour Network
Discovery, Channel Vision’s IP Utility and Microsoft’s LLTD (Link Layer Topology Discovery).


This is Apple’s implementation of zero configuration networking (Zeroconf), a group of technologies that include service discovery, address assignment, and host name resolution. Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network using multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) service records. To enable Bonjour, click “enabled” in the camera menu and specify the name of the IP camera. The camera can be selected for viewing from the Safari bookmark tab.

Channel Vision IP Cameras discovered by Bonjour

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IP Installer (Network IP Search Program)

IP Installer is a software tool from Channel Vision that runs on a Windows PC. Simply download the IP Installer from, unzip it and double-click the .exe file. IP Installer will find all Channel Vision cameras in the network. Select the camera you want to view, double click the name to view the image.

Channel Vision Cameras discovered by IP Installer

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LLTD (Link Layer Topology Discovery)

LLTD is a proprietary Link Layer protocol for network topology discovery and quality of service diagnostics. Microsoft developed it as part of the Windows Rally set of technologies. The LLTD protocol operates over both wired (such as Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) as well as wireless networks (such as IEEE 802.11). To enable LLTD, select “enabled” from the camera menu. Once enabled you man go to My Computer on your PC and select network. From there double click the camera you want to view.

Channel Vision Cameras discovered by LLTD

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To download this technical bulletin in pdf click here. You must have adobe acrobat reader to view.

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