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IP Camera Balun Over Coax Cable Converter Kit

COSTA MESA, CA. – March 29, 2012 – Channel Vision is pleased to announce the release of its B-204 IP Camera Balun Over Coax Converter Kit to its line of IP Surveillance products. This kit allows installers to update existing analog based security surveillance systems to IP based systems, while utilizing the existing coax cable infrastructure.

By being able to reuse the legacy coax cable and power cables, the B-204 creates a cost effective solution minimizing the amount of labor and materials required to retrofit an analog camera system to an IP camera system. With the B-204, video can be transmitted from an IP camera over 300 feet (91M) of RG-59/6 video-grade coax cable and can support 10mbps of bandwidth. This unit is considered a passive device with no additional power required.

“When installers use the B-204 IP Camera Balun Over Coax Converter Kit, analog camera systems can be easily retrofitted to IP camera systems without installing new wire. This typically results in a savings of 30-40% of the total system cost, saving both the installer and end user time and money” stated Darrel Hauk, President/CEO of Channel Vision.

The B-204 can connect to any standard network router or switch and supports IP cameras, including Channel Vision’s 2 megapixel HD dome (6521), bullet (6522), and flush mount (6524) IP cameras, as well as its 1.3 megapixel indoor dome (6530).

Availability & Pricing
Channel Vision’s B-204 IP Camera Balun Over Coax Converter Kit is designed specifically for the installation market and is available for purchase through Channel Vision’s distribution network of custom retailers, distributors, dealers and installers throughout the world. For additional information, please click here or visit:

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  1. Can someone who has never set one of these up before do this or does a professional need to be called in.