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6333-W Questions

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  • Is this a long range camera?

Is you could have a 69 to 283 feet away distance range?

  • How far of a range does this pick up?

69 to 283 feet depending on the varifocal lens, that you can adjust.

  • Can he hook it up to 800′ of wire and still get a clear picture?

The maximum distance the security cameras can be from the recorder is a function of the camera cable rather than the camera itself.

Using RG59 coax cable you can extend the camera out to 600 feet.

Using RG6 coax cable you can run up to 1,000 feet.

  • Does this have night vision?

Yes, it has night vision, because it have IR Illuminators built on it (around 45 feet long range)

  • What does 800 TVL stand for?

This is for 800 TV Lines.  This is an Standard for Resolution on Analog Cameras.

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