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AB-202 vs AB-203

Asked By – On May 17, 2012 – With 1 Answer


I have a whole house sound system using ChannelVision components for the sound distribution. The system stopped working last month and I think it may be the AB-202 unit. When searching on the web, I find AB-202 and AB-203 units available. Are they interchangeable in my distribution system. My existing AB-202 feeds two AB-1014 distribution units and then eight speaker sets with AB-114 volume controls.

Is there any advantage of replacing the AB-202 with the AB-203 unit?

One Comment

  1. Yes, they are interchangeable, either would work ok. The AB-202 is metal, and the AB-203 is plastic. The main different is the number of IR emitters that can be used, and the fact that the AB-203 has an input and an output for CAT5 audio and the AB-202 only has an input.