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AB-203 support digital and analog source?

Asked By – On December 11, 2018 – With Comments Off


Question: would like to know if the A-BUS Single Source Distribution Module – AB-203 support digital source or only analog source.

I try to explain better: I have an Audio CD player with both digital (optical) output and and analog (coaxial) output.
This CD player is connected to an Onkio Amplifier with both connector.
Than i have connected the AB-203 with coaxial to the output of Onkio Amplifier.

If i choose in the Onkio the CD Optical Source the A-Bus audio system doesn’t work.
If i choose in the Onkio the CD Coaxial Source the A-Bus audio system work perfectly.

It’s my fault or the system doesn’t work with digital audio souce?


Answer: Tha AB-203 is a single source module, that only supports analog inputs.  If you want to use an Optical and analog inputs, and also a Bluetooth, you can use a module like the A0360

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