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C-0436: no internet in port 2-8

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Question: I have C0436 in my house. I have internet connected to INPUT thru Cat5e cable. When I use only one output (also using cat5e cable), I am able to connect to internet. Once I plug another cat5e cable to another output, I immediately lose connection on the first input. Do you know why this is? I have it on “ByPass


Answer: Yes, this is a normal behavior because the module C-0436 is a telephone distribution module, not a switch for internet connections.  Physically, the INPUT node is shared to the other 8 OUTPUTS, but this module does not have a logically board, so if you connect something on the first output, the other ones will share the same electrical contacts (continuity) but they will “understand” there is something connected to the internet, specifically to a router/modem.

Keep in mind that this module was designed for phone distribution system, not for share internet in a house.

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