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C-1001 Question

Asked By – On May 14, 2012 – With 1 Answer


I have a C-1001 speaker distribution. I have a new Onkyo TX-8050 receiver hooked up to it (80w/channel), and am feeding 5 sets of speakers. I have volume controls between that and the speakers and I know are impedance matching. They are stereo 100w max volume controls. The problem I am having is that the receiver keeps cutting itself off. My main question is one that I hope you can answer. I am wondering what load should I be reading at the amplifier after going through the distribution and the volume controls. Im not sure of all the math involved in getting this.

Also, is it important to be using at least 16 gauge wire? This was an existing installation and I can’t guarantee that all of it is that. I am just trying to fix this issue for a customer of mine.

The existing system looks to have 6 ohm ohm speakers on at least 2 sets of speakers. I didn’t know if this would cause any issues. I wouldn’t think it would be that big of deal being only 2 ohms off.

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  1. The load that the amplifier is looking for would depend on the model of receiver. There is no impedance matching done in the C-1001. If the Onkyo is shutting off, it may be due to improper load. I checked the manual of the Onkyo unit that you have, it references that it works best with a 6 ohm load. If you have 5 sets of speakers on the A output for example, it would not equal 6 ohms. Do you use a seperate volume control for the speakers? The VC-302 is an impedence matching volume control that has jumpers that can be changed to equal different loads. More information on this product can be found here:

    The speaker wire gauge would not make the amplifier shut off. The lower the load in ohms on the amplifier, the harder the amplifier has to work. If you put an improper load on any amplifier, it may put the amplifier into thermal overload, or damage the amplifier.