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How can I troubleshoot audio issues with the AB-412?

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1. Check to make sure that the audio source is playing, then press the power
button on the AB-134 to make sure it is turned on.

2. Check the jumpers on the keypad. If the status jumper is on pins 1 & 2, the
AB-134 will turn off if there is no audio present for more than 2 minutes. For
most applications, place the status jumper on pins 2 & 3 so that the AB-134
will revert back to its previous condition (either on or off) when music is played
after a long pause.

3. Check power supply and voltage. The AB-412 is powered by 24vDC.
The solid brown wire is +, and the striped brown wire is -. If proper voltage is
not fed to each amplified keypad, the system will not function normally.

4. Try a different audio source.

5. If the issue is just in a single zone, bypass that CAT5/6 cable.
If the issues goes away, try re-terminating the RJ-45 connector.

6. Verify you have connected the CAT5 cable correctly. Follow the TIA-568A
standard at both ends. Mis-wiring can cause distorted sound, prevent the system
from functioning, or possibly cause damage to the components in the system.

7. Observe wiring distance specifications. The maximum recommended wire
length between the audio hub output and AB-134 is 150 feet. Although the
AB-134 can work at greater distances, extreme distances are not recommended.
Erratic performance may result due to the power loss caused by the CAT5 wire.

8. Verify you have connected the speakers in phase. Follow the label on the
product. Out of phase speakers can rob the system of its bass.

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