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DVR-43G video issue

Asked By – On March 30, 2012 – With 1 Answer


I currently have two of the 43G DVR’s that have been brought back by our customers, the two units have the exact same problem. The picture on every channel regardless of camera used or location, rolls. The video feeds all roll like a vertical sync issue that used to occur on old tv’s. This problem will occasionally be resolved by repeated reboot’s of the units however the next time the unit restarts the issue returns. The problem occurs regardless of the VGA output or BnC outpout being used.

One Comment

  1. This issue is caused by the NTSC/Pal switch on the back being set to PAL when plugged into an NTSC TV. When you move this switch, the DVR has to be restarted before the changes take affect. Sometimes it takes a few restarts before it will change modes.