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E4200IR Model

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Question: We have used a Channel Vision E4200 modulator for our home video system for several years. The modulator appears to have failed and we’d like to replace it with the same model 4-channel modulator. But all the new units are E4200IR. What does the IR mean? Can we still use it with our local RF remote controllers throughout the house? Is it functionally identical to the E4200?


Answer: Is the same unit.  On the new E4200IR they come with IR Repeaters, so you can plug IR Emitters directly to the unit, and you can control the VCR, DVR, or whatever source you will plug to the modulator.  If you will send IR signal through the Coax wire, then you need the IR Coax Adaptor (IR-4101) like the Page 5 shows on the manual that is attached to this email.

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