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Hello! I am looking to purchase the AB-902 for an install I plan to do for a friend in their home. They want to have 9 separate speakers ceiling mounted throughout the home with one single input source. My questions are as follows – How many speakers can I put on each powered touch panel? What ohm rating do they output and at what wattage? I do not want to under power the speakers, and need to know specifics on this as to ensure proper volume and resistance throughout the home. Are you able to add more touch panels to add additional zones, or can you link multiple units together? Of the 9 speakers, I would need 8 zones in theory with one of those zones having 2 speakers on it. Need to figure out how to do this.

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A “zone” is typically defined by 2 speakers (or a single dual voice coil speaker which acts as 2 speakers). Each AB-134 keypad can handle one pair of speakers (or one dual voice coil speaker). If necessary you can attach 2 pairs of speakers, the volume may suffer a little bit however since you are splitting the amplification between 4 speakers instead of 2. If you are planning on having 9 zones, each with a single speaker, you would want to use a dual voice coil speaker in each zone to add stereo sound, a regular speaker can only play left, or right, a dual voice coil can do both. If this is the case you would want to take a look at our ID653 6.5” 2 way single point in ceiling loudspeaker. On that 8th zone you could then use 2 standard speakers such as the IC615 ARIA In-Ceiling speaker. All Channel Vision audio systems, the AB-902 included are intended for use with 8 Ohm speakers. The AB-134 is a unique type of amplifier, unlike a traditional amp it does not have a “wattage” rating, since it is powering each of the speakers IN the zone instead of all zones wiring back to a centralized amp. Because of this it creates louder more clear audio while using less power. With the AB-902 you can add another AB-404 and “link” them together. Then purchase additional AB-134 Amplified keypads to add additional zones at your discretion. If you wanted to do 8 zones with 9 speakers I would recommend the AB-902 Audio Kit, an additional AB-404, four additional AB-134W amplified keypads, 7 ID653 6.5” dual voice coil speakers, and one pair of IC615 Aria in-celing speakers for the 8th zone. If you have any further questions please contact Channel Vision Sales or Technical support directly.

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