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How can I integrate a P-0921 and IU-6252 with Control4? Should I use the P or C series door station?

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The P series door station is for Panasonic, and the C series door station is for our P-0930 CAT5 whole house intercom system,
so the proper part name for your door station is IU-6252.

To integrate a P-0921 & IU-6252 with Control4, two things would be needed.

1. A W-1001 web server, which will stream to Control4 directly.
2. The P-0921 has a chime output for each door (normally open contact closure) that activates at the same time as a button is pressed outside.
This can be tied directly to the Control4 controller, which can be set to generate an event and pull your camera up when someone comes to your door and presses the button.

More information on the P-0921 can be found here: Link
More information on the W-1001 can be found here: Link

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