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How do I change channels using the E1200 modulator? Is there any way to tell what channel it is currently on?

Asked By – On December 07, 2014 – With Comments Off


The E1200 does not have a digital readout. When assigning channels, you would cycle power and then reset the unit to either “Cable” or “Antenna” setting. If on cable by default the unit will be on 65. To change channels  you hold the select button for 3 seconds until the power LED flashes then you start clicking the channel  up button. You will need to count and keep track of what number you are on. Once you have selected the channel you want click the  select button again to save. The same applies to the antenna setting. By default it will start on channel 14. The E1200 manual has a chart that lables how many times you would press the button to get to the appropriate channel you want assigned.

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