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How do you change the number on a P-0922?

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To program the P-0922, connect the device as shown on page 5 & 6, and follow the steps below. (In this example, the P-0922 is set to #)
1. On the P-0920 or P-0921, place the No CO dipswitch to the Up/On Position.
2. Plug both the P-0922 and P-0920/P-0921 into power.
3. On the P-0922, place dipswitch number 1 in the Up/On position to enter programming mode.
4. Make sure the dipswitch for */# is the same on both P-0922 and P-0920/21
The number of rings on the P-0920/21 has to be greater than or equal to the P-0922
5. To program a number, use the following format:
(#, 1, Area Code, Telephone number, #)
For example, if you want to program 949-100-2000, enter the command as
follows: #19491002000#. Two beeps will be heard of the phone if the number
was successfully programmed.
6. Place dipswitch number 1 on the P-0922 in the Down/Off position.
7. Place the No CO dipswitch on the P-0920 or P-0921 in the Down position.

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