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I am installing an automatic gate and would like to use an intercom at the front with a simple push button and integrated IP camera. The IP camera will attach to the network and the push button on the intercom unit will ring any door in the house which can then communicate with the visitor and optionally press a button to open the gate. I would like the controller to also attach to a second door. I also like the feature where the call will transfer to the cellular network too. Can you please direct me to the right equipment for this set up?

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Since you need 2 doors you will start with the P-0921 2 Door Telephone Entry Controller. This controller has a built in strike “AUX” relay that you can tie the gate strike system into (be sure to only tie in ground/negative as trigger, do not feed any positive voltage into this relay). There is also a “Unlock Door” contact that you can tie into a simple push button that will trigger and release the gate. To allow for call forwarding you will purchase the P-0922 Mobile Intercom Connect which functions as a companion module to the P-0921. The door station model that would best suit your needs for the gate would be our SI-7000 Series Elite Intercom. Be sure you have At least one full Cat5 cable for the IP camera and at least 4 extra wires (ideally a 2nd Cat5) for transmitting and receiving intercom communication and to take power to the amplifier board in the station which will also power the backlit button. For the second door you can use another SI-7000 with IP camera or one of our other model door stations. If a camera is not needed for the second location I would recommend our standard SI series Elite Intercom. If you have any questions about the products that the website does not answer please contact Channel Vision directly and speak with Sales or Technical Support to assist you.

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