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I am interested in purchasing the C-0437 distribution module, but before I do I have a question…..I am only using one phone line (1 pair) coming from the street. I assume that I would plug that into the port labeled “input”. Once I do that does it automatically send that 1 pair signal to all the other 12 ports so they could also be used for that single line? I suppose I don’t understand if that is the case, because what if I had 2 phone lines (2 pair) coming on the same Cat5E cable, how would the distribution module know which ports to send the 2nd line and so on?

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Cat5/Cat6 cables all come with 4 pairs. Each pair is colored, so there is a blue pair, green pair, orange pair, and brown pair. A single telephone line only requires one pair of wires, one wire for “tip” and another wire for “ring”. Having 4 pairs available is what allows up to 4 lines to come in, one on each colored pair. So as long as each Cat5/Cat6 cable is terminated in the same standard (T-568A standard for this module) all of the phone lines follow on that same pair all the way to the telephone wall jack locations. If you only wanted certain phone lines to distribute to certain locations, then you would not terminate the pairs you do not want distributed.

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