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I am very interested in the IR-5001 product, but have a few questions: 1. Will it work Onkyo receivers? 2. How long is the attached emitter cable? 3. Where can I purchase?

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The IR-5001 will work with all IR controlled devices. The smart chip in the device allows the signal to be recreated exactly as it is received. There is also an adjustment on the IR hub to control the strength of the signal if necessary. The attached emitter cable is roughly 5-6 feet long. If you feel that distance could be a factor please consider purchasing the IR-5011 which allows for connection between the IR receiver (IR-2401) and IR Hub (IR-1204) to be separated by a length of Cat5/6 cable up to 1000 feet. Here is a link to view the IR-5011:
Here is another link that takes you to a list of our authorized online distributors where you can purchase the IR-5001 or IR-5011 along with all other Channel Vision products:

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