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I am working on a quote for a dealer, I am looking for a door intercom that can be answered via a smart phone. It appears the SI-7000 series unit will do this. What would the part number be if I want to just have the unit go to a mobile device? Satin Nickel with the IP camera would be

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Any of the channel vision telephone entry intercoms have the ability to forward to a smart phone. The intercom itself does not handle this function, you would be using the intercom with a telephone controller and an actual call forwarding module. The intercom will first ring the house and then call forward to your cell phone. In the SI-7000 model you also get an IP camera. So, in this instance you would answer the call, have two way communication, then separately open the app to view your camera. Communication and video are not happening simultaneously through the app, but are happening simultaneously. We will be releasing a new model in the near future which will have push to talk communication through the app as well as video but that model has not yet been released. Hopefully this description of the product functionality answers your question. If you have any further questions please contact us directly via phone.

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