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I have 1 A0315 and 2 P-1044. Will the A0315 play to both P-1044′s? Everything is sitting right beside each other in a closet.

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There is a way you can get the A0315 to play throughout all 8 zones of the two P-1044′s. Just as it would be with an RCA cable (red/white // right/left) you would have to split the audio into the same source input of both units. Whereas with an RCA cable you would use “Y” splitters usually to achieve this, with Cat5 it can be a bit more tricky. With Cat5 you would use one of our data patch panels like the C-0508 or C-0538. You would come out of the output of the A0315 into the first input of the C-0538 RJ-45 connection. Then you use Cat5 wires between the other 110 connections and bridge the wires together. You will only bridge the brown wires from the first 110 connection to the second, all other wires would bridge to the second and third 110 connections. Then you can connect from the RJ-45 connections below as “outputs” to each P-1044. Be sure to also use the IR link cable that came with the units to connect the two together for IR distribution.

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