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I have a Fire HD tablet and I’m trying to locate an app I can use to view my Channel vision cameras. I see that you all recommend the iWatch DVR app but I cannot locate it in the app store. I tried an IP cam viewer app I found in the app store but cannot get it to connect to my system. Is there an app for Kindle Fire HD that you all can recommend?

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At this time (Dec, 2015) the apps recommended for use with Channel Vision products are only available via the Apple store and the Android store. We do not currently offer any of our applications on the Amazon app market. The app suggested to use with the DVR-3G series is “iWatch DVR 2″ for both Apple/Android platforms. The app recommended for Channel Visions new DVR-HE series is called “Channel Vision DVR” for the Android market or “Channel Vision DVR HD” for the Apple market. For IP cameras or the NVR-04N, please use the “Channel Vision Security” app for the Android market or “Channel Vision IP Cam” for the Apple market. The new NVR-09N should be used with the IP Motion app at this time until the Channel Vision apps have been updated. With all that being said there may be a third party app that works with your DVR, you may just have to test a few to see if you can find one that works.

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