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I have a system in the house that has 2 two front door stations (DP-6242-C), 7 intercoms (ST-2000) and P-0930 controller. When someone rings the door station, the intercom sound is way too low and hard to hear. However, the audio that is passed between the intercoms are loud and clear. So I have few questions.

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Unfortunately you cannot use the TE-AMP, this product is only used with the Channel Vision telephone entry systems. Please be sure the volume button on all ST-2000 stations are all the way up. Also at the door, on the circuit board there is a small blue knob. Adjust this knob incrementally in a clockwise rotation. Test the two way communication with each adjustment to see if it improves. You can continue to turn the knob full clockwise until it stops but do not leave the knob at a full clockwise position, at most the knob should be turned down 1/8 of a turn from the full clockwise position. The only thing you might be able to use with the Control4 system is the Page Output, but only if you have an audio sensing input on your Control4 system. Then when pages are made they would come through over the audio system as well. If your Control4 has a contact closure input you are able to program within the Control4 system to trigger a chime, you could take 2 separate wires off of the button and wire to the Control4 hub. You would come off of the button itself, not the Cat5 circuit board in the door station. Basically you would be doubling up on the wire contacts that are screwed to the button. This would provide a contact closure to in turn trigger your page macro set up in your Control4 system.

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