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I have an outdoor 6544 camera that communicate through wireless. My Wi-Fi provider has changed the SSID of my router so the camera is currently not connected. What do I need to do to route properly and enter the new password?

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You will need to log in to the 6544 camera directly, attached with an Ethernet cable to your router, use the IP installer software that comes on the disk with the camera, if you do not have the disk you can click here to download the software:

You will need to open the zip file and launch the IP installer. Once launched it should detect the camera on the network. You can then double click on the wireless camera and open in Internet Explorer. Once you have logged into the camera there is an option on the left hand side of the page for WiFi settings, you will need to update the information here. Once updated you will need to remove power from the camera, remove the Ethernet cable and then turn the camera on again. As long as the information all matches properly in the WiFi settings the camera should automatically connect to your network. Please contact Channel Vision directly if you have any issues.


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