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I have more than 12 phone locations in my house. If I buy a C-0437 module for the first 12, do I just buy a second panel and connect the two with a jumper from one of the outs on the first panel to the input on the second panel? And then, since I have an alarm system tied to the first panel i will have that switch to security normal. What should I have the second module’s security set to? I would think bypass?

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You would be correct. You can chain multiple C-0437′s by using a jumper cable out of one of the outputs into the input of the 2nd C-0437. Regarding the security setting, you are correct there as well. You would only want the first C-0437, the one you have your security system connected to, to be set to normal. The second C-0437 would be set to bypass since it is not being used.

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