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I have purchased and installed an SIK model intercom. Everything is working fine and now I have come to the point where I wish to hook up the keypad to trigger a door strike. I am using a P-0920 with a TE110DS. How exactly do I set this up?

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From the keypad wire harness, you will run the Green and Orange wires (Common, Normally Open Contact) to your “Unlock Door” terminal on the P-0920. You will need to use a DC powered “Normally Open” electronic strike. For connecting to the TE110DS you will run the positive wire of the strike power supply directly to the electronic strike. The negative wire will connect to the terminal labeled “Strike” on the TE110DS. The terminal has 2 wire connections, think of them as In and Out (in no particular order). Once you have connected the ground wire from the power supply to the TE110DS “in” on the “strike” terminal, take a separate wire from the “out” on the “strike” terminal and wire this to the connection for ground on your electronic strike. Now once you program the keypad (instructions found on pages 6-8 in manual) you can then enter a code and this will trigger your strike.

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