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I have the C-0333 in a wall mounted panel but it seems to be broken as certain channels do not come in clearly anymore and pixilate. when I run the coax direct and bypass the splitter the channels are fine. So, I believe I need to replace the C-0333 but wanted to ask if you think that will solve the problem and is there a newer version of the C-0333 that I should consider for an amplified splitter that may perform better?

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The C-0333 is still a current product. If your product was purchased less than a year ago it could still be under warranty. If it was purchased over a year ago than you would need to purchase a replacement. If you are using the C-0333 than most likely your system is running some relatively long distances which require the amplification this unit provides. The only other Channel Vision alternative to purchasing another C-0333 would be to run a passive 8 way splitter with a separate amplifier. If you wished to go that route you could use a C-0208 with a C-0317 15dB amplifier. This won’t necessarily perform better, it is about the same. It is difficult to say what may have gone wrong with your existing amplified splitter but we have had thousands of C-0333’s in place all across the country for many years with no issues and rarely ever get one returned for malfunction. Please contact me directly for any further questions.

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