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I have the C-0439 installed in my house, but it looks like they are using it for ethernet distribution to various rooms. Is this possible with this module?

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The C-0439 is a telephone distribution module, it was designed for telephone distribution using Cat5 cable. While it may be possible to distribute your internet through it since all of the ports are bridged, it is not advisable. This unit was not designed for internet data therefore the unit would not have been tested for data throughput (speed at which the data can travel through the unit). Other units are rated to pass data at certain speeds, 10Mb, 100Mb, 1000Mb and so on. So again even if it was possible, you should still be using data patch panels such as the C-0538 which has been rated up to 1000Mb throughput, in conjunction with approved switches such as the C-0588 for proper data distribution.

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