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I installed the AB-202 and AB-404 in my basement with an Onkyo 2 zone receiver. I have the red/white cable inserted into the ZONE 2 input in the receiver. the only time the speakers work is when i have the receiver and zone 2 turned to the TUNER. the speakers do not work when it is on any other source (dvd/apple tv/etc). i have even moved the red/white from the zone 2 input into the other input sections of the receiver and no luck. the only time it works is on the tuner.

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You refer to the ZONE 2 INPUT. Technically to use the Onkyo as a source you should be using an OUTPUT from the receiver into our system. It is also odd that your TUNER will work but not your other devices, however the Tuner is built into the receiver so depending on how the other sources are hooked up the receiver would have to be able to act as a pass-through for your secondary audio output. If the system is playing normally when the TUNER is selected, then this issue is most likely in the wiring or the settings/capabilities of the AV Receiver. You should attempt to use a different source instead of the Onkyo to ensure the distributed audio works normally with all other direct source inputs. If it does then you have confirmed the Channel Vision products are working normally and that you may need to contact Onkyo technical support to assist in getting the system to work. If it does not work normally with other direct sources, please contact us directly for further troubleshooting.

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