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I presently have your IR5000 repeater. It does not seem to work on the new Cisco ISB7150 receiver/DVR I have from my TV provider. I have tried placing the blaster in all possible locations. Does the new IR5011 work on this receiver?

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Over the past 1-2 years many models of cable receivers have updated their IR receivers, attempting to make them less susceptible to sunlight. In doing so, they also made the receivers less receptive to many IR devices in the market including ours. In discovering this Channel Vision re-engineered and released the two newer IR kits IR-5001 and IR-5011 to replace the IR-5000 and the IR-5010. If you are currently using an IR-5000 repeater that has worked in the past and you now have a new cable receiver that is not working with the kit the appropriate replacement would be the new IR-5001. The new kit has a better chipset that allows the IR to be recreated much more accurately and has a frequency adjustment knob built in for even more fine tuning (although usually not necessary – future proofing). The new kit should definitely work with your newer Cisco cable receiver and I would recommend a technology upgrade through our website here – Trade Up Your Technology Program Link

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