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I purchased a home with an installed multi room speaker system and a channel vision I-Pod docking station (I believe it’s the A0315) in one room which plays through the rest of the house. However, we don’t own any Apple products and would like to replace the IPOD docking station with a station that can charge a Samsung Galaxy series phone and can play music wirelessly through Bluetooth. Please help me confirm that the ‘Bluetooth Audio Streaming Wall Dock for A-Bus Systems (AB-318)’ is the product I am looking for. Finally, will there be any new wire connections required when converting from the A0315 to the AB-318 or will it be more or less a one for one swap?

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The A0315 and the AB-318 are interchangeable. Depending on your setup, the existing dock (or the new one) may only play in a particular zone if connected as a local source, or it may be connected as a main source which would play in all zones. You would have to check how the unit is connected to your system to be sure. You can use the AB-318 in place of the A0315 or AB315 iPod docks, they will not require any different wiring. They both use Cat5 and are powered over that Cat5 with a 24VDC power connection from the source hub/matrix. Be on the lookout for the source hub, usually either a P-1014, P-1044, or an AB-203 plugged into an AB-404. These are where the keypads get their power and usually where the dock would be plugged in with Cat5 if being used as a main source. Click on any of these product numbers to view them on our website.

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