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I recently purchased an IR-4101 and an IR-4000 with an IR-3002- works great! I actually need more than two emitters. Do you carry a 4 emitter cable or how can I add two IR-3002′s to an IR-4000 (i.e. is there a mini plug adaptor that can go from one jack in to two jacks out, and if so can one IR-4000 handle two IR-3002′s)?

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To add more emitter outputs for your existing system you will need to purchase 3 components. One is the IR-4180 bypass cable, next is the IR-1203 amplified IR hub, and finally an extra IR-3002 Dual Head Emitter. Instead of attaching your existing IR-3002 dual head emitter to the IR-4000 directly, you would use the IR-4180 bypass cable plugged into where the IR-3002 was, directly linking the IR-4000 to the IR-1203. The IR-1203 has 4 emitter outputs, which can all support dual head emitters. When assembled in this way you can support more emitters/devices for your application.

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