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I want to check the video data upload rate of my IP cloud camera which is already installed. Please give me a solution. NB: I don`t want to know about the network speed. I just want to know about the current upload speed of the camera connected to my network.

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There is only one area of any Channel Vision IP camera where you can affect the transfer rate of the camera, it is not referred to as “upload” speed but rather as “Bitrate Control Mode”. The option to adjust these settings is in the “Video Settings” category located on the left hand side of the camera tools screen. Once in the page clicking the “Advanced” option within the Video Settings page will bring up more settings. There is an option for “CBR” or Constant Bit Rate – you can choose a setting as low as 32Kbps – 4Mbps (The higher the CBR bit rate the better the video quality will be). The other option is for “VBR” or Variable Bit Rate – This is similar but breaks down the setting to a compression rate which you can adjust using “Video Quantitative” numbers 1 (Low) to 10 (High). The higher the compression rate the higher the picture quality, and vice versa. The balance between VBR and network bandwidth will affect your picture quality. When using VBR, it is less likely that your streaming video will break up or lag. These are the only references to transfer speed in the camera. Any other measurement of the actual upload speed on a given network would have to be obtained through a third party tool/software.

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