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My IR control isn’t working on my AB-412. How can I troubleshoot this?

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1. Verify you are using the correct remote control. The AB-134 will respond to
IR signals from the A0505. The A0505 can provide both volume control and
source selection commands. Other 3rd party remote controls that are capable
of learning the IR codes from the A0505 can also be used.

2. Check the blue wire. The IR passes on the solid blue conductor.

3. The top LED on the AB-134 acts as an IR receiver feedback LED that
flashes whenever IR signals are received. Check to make sure the LED
flashes whenever you press buttons on your remote control. If you don’t see
the feedback LED, try replacing the batteries in your remote control.

4. Make sure your IR emitters are placed directly over the sensor on the
device you are trying to control.

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