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My question is regarding IR-5010 that I have connected in a customer’s house. My customer would like to add a 2nd point of direction to point the remote to control his equipment. I would like to connect the IR Repeater System Receiver – IR-2400. And if I could does it matter if I connect it to the distribution block where the emitters come off or can I piggyback it off the IR-2400 that comes with the IR-5010?

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You can add another IR-2400 receiver to control the devices from separate locations. You can actually do up to 3 IR receivers by splicing Signal (S), Ground (G), and Voltage (+). Please click on the below link and review page 2 of the IR-5010 manual for a diagram of how this is done. For larger systems you can use a C-1201 IR distribution hub, if you use more than 2-3 IR receivers you should use an extra supplemental 12VDC power supply, otherwise it can be passive.

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