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None of my devices are pairing with the AB-303 anymore. It worked for about a week, but now when I try to connect, the devices won’t pair. On my iPhone, my AB-303 doesn’t even appear. The light on the AB-303 is not lit, but I do not see a reset button on the AB-303 to even troubleshoot the issue. Can you help me connect?

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It is normal for the light to be off when no devices are connected to the AB-303. The blue light on the unit will only light up while actively paired with a device. Please keep in mind that you have to un-pair your device from the Bluetooth in order to connect with other devices and only one device can be paired at a time. Often times doing a power cycle (unplugging and plugging back in) will help. The Bluetooth will reset itself and will allow you to pair within the first minute of being reset. Try to locate the power hub and cycle power there then scan for Bluetooth devices right away. If the issue persists please contact our technical support department directly.

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