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ST-0935W work in Asterisk?

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Question: Will this device work with Asterisk’s FreePBX server?


Answer: Yes, the units will work with any SIP Server Provider.


Question: What would you like to know…what is the distance range of the A0362 Bluetooth module. What type of interface is the wiring? Punch down or RG45?
I want to drive speakers with Bluetooth, what compatible speakers do you have?


Answer: In ideal line of site conditions range can be up to 147’. This distance can be reduced significantly by transmission interference from other communication devices, electrical wiring and room construction materials, such as brick walls and concrete floors. When the A0362 is operating near maximum range, the signal may intermittently drop in and out, as signal strength varies.


The Type of wiring is RJ-45 to the ABUS Input system or Abus Keypads (volumne control). For the Speakers you will use a AWG 18 wire. You could you dual or single channel speakers with 8 ohm Impedance.  The power output of the A0362 is 100W so, you would need a pair (or a single ) speaker that can handle that amount of output.



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