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Home Theater connection center CC-372 looks exactly what I wanted and was going to buy it from Amazon but there does not seem to be specs or rear pictures anywhere. First is it really white, would off the shelf White Keystone jacks match. Second, it sounds like I can use bare wire on the back for the banana plugs which is what I want, would 12 gauge be a problem ? On the sub I can tell they are RCA on the front which is good but are they RCA on the back (hope so) or F ?

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Technically the color issue is not important since the CC-372 comes with its own keystones which match the color of the module. Yes you can use bare wire on both the front and/or the back. You would screw off the connector and insert the wire to the binding posts then screw back on. 12 gauge wire is fine for this product. The sub connector on the back is an F connector. So RCA on the front, run coax F connection from the back. You may consider running over to another “F to RCA” wall plate over by the sub, that way you can come out of the plate with a short RCA cable and plug directly into your powered sub easily with minimal wiring.

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