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Volume control question

Asked By – On March 30, 2012 – With 1 Answer


I need to replace a wall switch volume rheostat with one that can be controlled by a remote control (Infrared?). I just want to control it in my office from my desk when the telephone rings so I can lower the volume without getting up, but I don’t want to control all the other volume controls in each other office that share the wired amplifier. Do you have such a switch/remote control?

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  1. Our VC-302 has the ability to mount one of our IR-2400 receivers behind the faceplate; however, if there is only the speaker wire from the amp and to the speakers behind the volume control, and no additional wiring, that option is not available. For our IR-2400 there needs to be at least three wires behind the plate to allow for power, signal , and ground, in addition to the speaker wiring.