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We are interested in purchasing your Channel Vision IU-0222P Polished Brass Intercom station. My question to figure out whether we would like to purchase the unit is, do I need to purchase extra devices to see the camera and listen when someone pushes the button at the door station?

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The IU-0222P is the Panasonic compatible door station without a camera. If you wanted a camera you would purchase the IU-6222P.  This unit will integrate with a Panasonic KSU system, which is a very specific style of telephone controller. Please be aware if you are just using standard Panasonic cordless phones you would not want to purchase this model and you would need to purchase the IU-6222 with a telephone entry controller such as the TE-111 or the P-0920. As far as viewing the camera, there are various ways to view the camera at the door station. The system does not come with a screen or anything like that, however you can route the video signal from the camera to a monitor such as your TV. You can also use a web server to convert the camera to an “IP” camera, which would allow you to view the camera on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Lastly if you wanted to record the video and store for later viewing you would want to look into purchasing a DVR. Channel Vision offers 4, 8, and 16 channel 960H (High Definition) DVR’s. If you had a DVR, you can also take the video signal out of the DVR to a monitor, such as your TV, and the DVR has an IP interface, so you can use an app with this unit to view your cameras on your smart phone, tablet, or computer like with the web server.


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